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Ride A-4 Black Fixations De Snowboard Homme


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The A-4 snowboard bindings from the iconic brand Ride are the perfect choice for any snowboarder looking for a reliable binding that offers plenty of comfort and control . These bindings feature lightweight construction, durable materials and a supportive design that will keep you in control.

A-4 bindings are designed with a highback that provides plenty of support, a lightweight aluminum baseplate that provides plenty of stability, and comfortable straps that help keep your feet in place. A-4 bindings are suitable for all types of riders. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, you can rely on Ride Snowboards' A-4 bindings.

Practical : All Mountain, Park, Slopes

Flex : 4/10, balanced, ideal for intermediate riders or All Mountain riders who like more control and support. The versatility of a medium flex is also appreciated by freestyle riders.

Baseplate : The A-Series baseplate offers responsive flexibility and the power transfer of aluminum underfoot. Extruded aluminum heel cup provides ultimate toe-to-heel response . The A-Series baseplate was designed to be less stiff than previous models, allowing the aluminum to flex more under the rider's weight, for a much more responsive ride. As the baseplate is 100% aluminum , it is narrower than nylon or plastic baseplates, allowing the board to flex more freely.

Sole : An ultra-lightweight sole that uses subtle angles to align the ankles and knees in a more natural and comfortable position. This angle also allows for more pop.

Spoilers : The spoiler is made in the traditional way with nylon in order to offer more response and comfort on your ride.

Straps : One-piece ankle straps designed for comfort and durability. The toe strap is minimalist and designed to give you maximum performance and durability.

Loops : Allows for a smoother experience by eliminating movement of the loop and keeping it fixed . It provides the same hold as a classic buckle.

Disc : A plastic disc will offer more lateral flex than aluminum and is ideal for riders looking for comfort and flexibility over performance.

US size:
M: 37-43.5
L: 43.5-50+

Season FW22/23
Gender Mens
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Riding Style All-Mountain
Riding Style Versatile - Freestyle
Entry Mode Classic
Sky Boots Riding Style All Mountain
Sky Boots Riding Style Freestyle
Stiffness Intermediate
Snowboard Inserts 2x2