Ride C-6 Digital Violet Fixations De Snowboard Homme



Ref product : 12G1005.1.2
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The Ride C-6 Digital Violet snowboard bindings offer the perfect blend of comfort and response for all mountain practice.

The lightweight and durable baseplate of these bindings provide ultimate energy transfer and control. Toe straps and ankle straps ensure a secure fit and provide a precise , responsive feel. The C-6 also features all-new buckles that allow for quick and easy entry and exit . With versatile mid-flex performance and premium features, the C-6 Digital Violet snowboard bindings are the perfect choice for any rider looking for the ultimate in control and comfort.

Practical : All Mountain, Park, Slopes

Flex : 6/10 Balanced. Ideal for intermediate riders or All Mountain riders who like more control and support. The versatility of a medium flex is also appreciated by freestyle riders.

Baseplate : The Performance C-Series baseplate is the same as the standard C-Series baseplate but with 20% fiberglass injected into a nylon plate. The fiberglass makes the baseplate more responsive and the nylon composite ensures a smooth ride. You'll find an extra-cushioned C-Series EVA Basepad that wraps under the binding and around the sides to dampen vibrations and ensure a smoother ride.

Sole : An ultra-lightweight sole that uses subtle angles to align the ankles and knees in a more natural and comfortable position. This angle also allows for more pop.

Spoilers : The spoiler is made from laminated carbon and urethane. This composition makes this spoiler a light support with pop coming from carbon, and softness coming from urethane.

Straps : Excellent comfort and responsiveness. The two-piece straps use two different types of plastic, a stiffer one for more response and a urethane one that ensures the strap stays in place on your boots. The toe strap is minimalist and designed to give you maximum performance and durability.

Loops : Allows for a smoother experience by eliminating movement of the loop by keeping it fixed. It provides the same hold as a classic buckle.

Disc : A plastic disc will offer more lateral flex than aluminum and is ideal for riders looking for comfort and flexibility over performance.

US size:
M: 37-43.5
L: 43.5-50+

Season FW22/23
Gender Mens
Riding Level Beginner - Intermediate
Riding Style Versatile - Freestyle
Riding Style All-Mountain
Entry Mode Classic
Sky Boots Riding Style All Mountain
Stiffness Intermediate
Snowboard Inserts 2x2