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Riedell roller has been a leader in quad rollerblades for over 70 years! The story of Riedell skates begins in 1945 when Paul Riedell decides to turn his passion for skating into a real business. This is how he launched Riedell Shoes, Inc. in the United States in Minnesota. Over the years, he and his wife have handcrafted very high quality skate shoes and have established a reputation around the world as the best skate supplier for their exceptional comfort. When inline skating started to explode in the late 1960s, Riedell began offering long-term roller skate rentals as part of the second-hand market. Riedell has always been able to be present and evolve in the skates market by adapting to each change in trends, by offering products and services that meet the specific needs of fans of roller quad skates and skates of all kinds.

Until today, Riedell has remained a family business. It is managed by the 3rd generation in the same philosophy as at its origins, always with the desire to produce the most qualitative skates on the market. Riedell is committed to continuing to produce skates handmade by the best craftsmen using the finest leather and the highest quality materials on the market.

It is not surprising that in the roller derby market, Riedell is today the leader. It is one of the most famous brands in this board sport. And for good reason: Riedell skates are also assembled with the best components such as Rader Wheels, Powerdyne frames or KwiK bearings. Whether you are a professional, occasional or beginner skater, Riedell will have the perfect roller skating equipment for you.

Riedell is also best positioned with Fresh meat, since the brand offers the perfect roller to start roller Derby: the Riedell R3 skates. This is the basis ! With a nylon plate for an inexpensive derby skate.

Hawaiisurf was the first roller shop to offer Riedell skates in France. Today we have the most complete range to equip you and assemble your custom-made skates. Thanks to the Riedell boots, the brakes, the derby laces and the toe protectors you will be able to put together your completely personalized roller skate. And we can assemble it in our roller assembly workshop near Paris.

If you are looking for the best, choose Riedell Skates, with the largest selection in Europe on Hawaiisurf.cm and in our Roller Derby Shop Paris!

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Riedell 122 Black

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