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The core business of the Australian brand Rip Curl , and more particularly of its Rip Curl France division nestled in Hossegor, the French peak of surfing, is above all to design and offer quality surf wetsuits, suitable for all types of surfing. levels and for all water sports practitioners.

Discover our selection of Rip Curl men's wetsuits . Each full neoprene or shorty wetsuit is available in 3/2, 4/3 and 5/3 thickness. The colder the water in your spot, the thicker your wetsuit should be. Before choosing your neoprene or lycra wetsuit or top model, you must therefore define your level and the environment in which you operate.

The Rip Curl collection of men's neoprene wetsuits revolves around four ranges. Occasional surfers or beginners will prefer Omega products which offer an ultra flexible fabric for better comfort and easier to put on the wetsuit.

The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol collection is one of the most used by practitioners of sports such as surfing, bodyboarding or even wakeboarding. The models available in this range are emblematic and are available in black or in colors.

The most high-end models: E-Bomb and Flashbomb , are specially designed from successful materials and a fabric that is both robust and hyper stretch, regardless of the thickness of the suit.

Thanks to this large collection available of wetsuits for surfing and other water sports, Rip Curl can claim to be today one of the privileged brands of neoprene for the design and especially the quality of its products. We also offer a large selection of Rip Curl women's wetsuits .

You can also combine your wetsuit with other neoprene accessories if your favorite water sport requires it. We provide you with a range of neoprene slippers , balaclavas and gloves .

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Rip Curl Searchers Uv Tee

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