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RIP CURL : thick full-body wetsuit for cold water

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Rip Curl is an Australian brand recognized worldwide for the quality of its surf products, including its wetsuits . Rip Curl 5/3 wetsuits are midweight wetsuits, meaning they are 5mm thick in the torso and 3mm thick in the arms and legs. This wetsuit is ideal for cold water and winter conditions .

The 5mm thickness at the torso ensures optimal thermal insulation to keep the surfer warm in cold water. The 3mm thickness at the arms and legs offers more flexibility while providing sufficient insulation .

Rip Curl uses high quality materials to guarantee comfort and flexibility . Wetsuits are designed to allow maximum freedom of movement , which is essential for surfing.

Rip Curl wetsuits are renowned for their durability . They are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the ocean and the sun, making them perfect for long term use. Rip Curl often incorporates advanced technologies into its wetsuits, such as the E5 neoprene which offers greater stretch , or the seamless zipper system for a better seal.

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