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RIPNDIP was founded in 2009 in Orlando, Florida by rider Ryan O'Connor. The ready-to-wear brand quickly gained momentum thanks to its graphic t-shirts and the famous Lord Nermal cat, emblematic of the brand and its quirky humor! After relocating to Los Angeles, Ripndip established themselves further with their t-shirts , caps , skate decks and a multitude of accessories !

The brand has stood out by proudly exhibiting their logo , the Lord Nermal cat, always with a touch of humor and insolence in an omnipresent skate universe. The cat that exploded virally competed squarely with giant Supreme, as well as Aape, Diamond Supply Co and Huf.

The company not only buzzed thanks to its chat but also thanks to numerous marketing events , all as original as each other. Among them, we can cite the event with the inflatable boats on the river, which has already gathered more than 2,000 people. The founder is even going further, organizing since 2018 the " River Float " festival with many artists but also an inflatable play tune, with buoys signed Rip N Dip! Difficult to compete against this brand as daring and original . The creator, Ryan O'Connor aims to open many stores and expand all over the world by tackling markets such as China, Japan, Australia and Canada.

This is why the HawaiiSurf team is extremely proud to be able to offer you a great selection of RIPNDIP products! The brand mainly offers urban style textiles for maximum comfort and hyper clean product compositions. RIPNDIP therefore offers you t-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging bottoms, shorts, pants, shoes. But also all the possible and unimaginable accessories, such as caps, bobs, slippers, socks, slides, backpacks, underwear.

But not that, the brand being inspired by the world of skateboarding, RIPNDIP also offers decks and grips. As well as a whole bunch of accessories to decorate your apartment, armchairs, paintings, cushions and many other goodies!

If you did not know RIPNDIP before, you have no more excuses, so do not wait any longer, and enjoy the best on our HawaiiSurf site!

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RipnDip Ripndip Star Gazer Pin
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Ripndip Catman Pin

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Ripndip Bionic Board

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