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Roam Day Lite Long 5mm Housse De Longboard


Ref product : AFAP010PRP01


The longboard is certainly not the easiest board to protect on a daily basis. We all know the art of going down stairs and passing hallways that are too narrow... We cannot offer you work for your hallways, but can offer you a solution that would protect your board, every day from any possible impact !


8'6": 270 x 69 cm / 2.05 kg
9'2": 291 x 70cm / 2.25kg
9'6": 301 x 72 cm / 2.35 kg

Construction: 5mm thick and 600D Polyester on the edges for even better shock protection. Polyester outer layer providing UV protection. Material resistant to water and wax. Nose/tail reinforcement.

Thickness: 5mm for daily use.

Adjustable and removable strap

Padded wrist to carry the board

Heavy-duty corrosion-resistant zips with a wide entry for easy board storage

Enough room at the tail for a board with fixed fins or to put on a wetsuit

Season SS22
Thickness 5 MM