Rollerblade Microblade 3wd Royal Blue/lime



Ref product : 07104400


Rollerblade presents its Microblade 3WD in royal blue & lime. Your child will be able to keep these skates long enough, since they offer the possibility of adjusting them to 4 sizes. Other advantages , the Microblade is easy to use and very comfortable . This roller will give your child very good stability and enough speed to have fun without danger.

Practical: Versatile

Level: Any level

Shell: Smooth and contoured for children to have a correct posture so that each stride is optimized for a balanced, controlled glide and better support

Liner: With the Junior Fit liner, this roller is so comfortable that children won't want to take it off. Thanks to the technical mesh, they will have the impression of putting on a sock and breathability is increased

Platinum: Part of the shell so children are closer to the ground and have a lower center of gravity. It is also equipped with a 3WD mounting system to switch to a 3x80mm / 4x72mm wheel configuration

Wheels: Rollerblade 3x80 MM / 82 A for good safe speed

Bearings: SG3 for a smooth, long-lasting ride with just the right speed to make riding a little safer, but still exciting.

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Season 2021