Rollerblade Rb 110 3wd Noir/bleu Petrole



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The RB 100 3WD is designed for urban use with its 3WD frame and offers optimal comfort in any environment. The molded shell is very sturdy whatever the skating environment and offers very good lateral support , there are also sliders on it in the event of a fall to protect the shell. At the level of the tightening, there is a double buckle, one for the spoiler and one for the kick then a lace. There is also a sock-absorber under the liner for better shock and vibration absorption. . Equipped with a 255mm extruded aluminum frame and 110mm Supreme wheels with an 85A hardness, the bearings are SG7 and the set of three elements ensure control, stability and speed . All these elements make the RB 110 3WD an ultra versatile skate. Brake not supplied.

Practice: Freeskate, hike, slalom

Level: all levels

Shell: molded shell for maximum versatility and sturdiness, it is also ventilated to allow the liner to breathe

Liner: high performance with sock-absorber for better shock and vibration absorption

Frame : extruded aluminum -255mm/ 10 inches with lateral adjustments and an optimized center of gravity for more agility and speed

Wheels: Supreme in 110MM-85A

Bearings: SG7, for more speed

Brake: not included

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Rollerblade Rb 110 3wd Noir/bleu Petrole

Season 2021