Rollerblade Rb Pro X Roller Ligne Urbain Homme



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Rollerblade 's RB Pro X inline skates are quality inline skates designed for experienced skaters. They are designed to provide excellent performance and optimal control for a variety of skating styles, including freestyle , slalom and roller hockey .

RB Pro X skates have a shell that offers excellent resistance and lightness for optimal maneuverability . The shell is also equipped with a speed lacing system for a personalized and precise fit.

The frame is made of extruded aluminum for better durability and stability, and it is mounted on high performance bearings for better glide. Polyurethane wheels provide excellent grip and speed, while rubber brakes are easily replaceable to extend the life of your skates.

Overall, Rollerblade's RB Pro X skates are a great choice for experienced or competitive skaters in all of your disciplines.

We recommend your usual shoe size

Practical: For athletic and competitive skaters

Level : Advanced to expert

Shell : Very durable and airy. Sublimated training liner

Cuff: Cuff buckle, micro-adjustable 45° buckles and precise lacing fit (extra pair of laces included)

Liner: High performance, shock absorber, increased eyelets, sublimated lining, training liner

Plate: In extruded aluminum (max 80mm) 243mm/10/9.6", 261mm/10.3 (31.0). Travel axles; laterally adjustable.

Wheels: 80mm/85A Rollerblade Supreme wheels

Bearings : Twincam ILQ-7 Plus bearings that reduce wear and maximize speed.

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Season SS23