Rollerblade Twister Edge 110 3 Black / Sand



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Here is the brand new model of Twister Edge 110 3WD from Rollerblade . This skate excels in versatility . The molded shell, anatomical shape and anti-twist system improve handling . The 3WD extruded aluminum inserts and the rigidity of the frame improve power transfer and control . The V-shape liner and shock absorption system in the heel significantly improve the comfort of the pair. In conclusion, this Twister Edge is the perfect mix of comfort, lateral support and maneuverability for all skaters.

Practice : Street, Fitness, Leisure

Level : Any level

Shell : Increased support of the molded shell with V-cut for more fluidity for freeskate and slalom

Liner : First Fit High Performance - Anatomical shape memory padding around the heel and anklebones, First Fit tongue with internal wrap, shock-absorber

Platinum: Extruded aluminum 255mm / 10 "that provides rigid and stable adjustable laterally with optimized center of gravity to maximize maneuverability

Wheels : Hydrogen 110mm-85A, maximum speed with good grip

Bearings : Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus, the top in terms of speed

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Season 2021