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The Rollerblade brand is the brand behind the explosion of modern inline skating. Rollerblade skates, light, strong and efficient, have been a benchmark in this sliding sport since 1980.

Absolutely unbeatable, the brand is still today the market leader in many disciplines. It has also managed to stay in the aggressive roller skating sector, unlike other brands that have been shunned by practitioners in favor of brands specializing in street. You will therefore find good rollers for the street or the park, with very resistant hulls, large soulplates and frames adapted to go teasing the curbs and slide bars, all at very affordable prices.

Hawaiisurf offers a wide selection of roller skates suitable for experts as well as beginners. The figures and the ramps are yours! The street will be your playground!

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Street-Inlineskates Rollerblade Njr


Sizes:  34-36 37-38.5 40-41

Rollerblade Njr

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