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Created in 1991 by Alan Green and John Law (also Quiksilver ambassadors), the women's brand Roxy was developed for the very few snowboarders of the 90s. Little by little, it has established itself in the world of women's skiing and snowboarding. . Roxy is now the benchmark brand for female riders!

Sponsor of the former world surfing champion, Lisa Andersen, the surf brand Roxy is present on all lines ups around the world . Since then, other champions like Megan Abubo, Chelsea Georgeson, Veronica Kay, Kassia Meador, Kula Barbieto, Carissa Moore and Sofia Mulanovich have contributed to her fame.

At HawaiiSurf , we offer you the best Roxy gear at the most reasonable price, quickly enjoy the best house for female riders!

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