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The Arva brand specializes in avalanche victim search devices and has made it accessible to the general public . Winter sports have always been risky and in this type of phenomenon, athletes must act quickly and rely only on their comrades , because statistics prove that the victim must be evacuated in less than fifteen minutes . The Arva brand allows this feat thanks to its rescue kit which includes a shovel, a probe and an Arva device to locate the victim . This equipment is essential and to do without it would be a huge negligence .

Also called DVA , the device is a walkman-sized transceiver that connects all hikers together. All transceivers sold in Europe have the same frequency: 457 Khz . With experience and regular practice, you can locate your buddy in less than 5 minutes .

As for the probe, it makes it possible to locate the victim definitively and to probe the depth of burial to know the size of the hole to be dug. Its size can go up to 32 0 cm.

The third essential element is the shovel , since after having located your friend, it will be necessary to release it as quickly as possible. It allows you to clear the snow and dig a hole three times faster than by hand. There are many extremely light and strong shovels.

A few essential tips to remember: check that all the equipment is working properly before leaving for a session, a problem can happen quickly. Wear your Arva device next to your skin to avoid any risk of loss during an avalanche. Train yourself ! You won't be able to understand Arva's system without first trying it, and the more you exercise, the more responsive you'll be when needed. Finally, pay attention to the weather conditions: the Arva is not always a guarantee of survival.

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