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All Salomon ski equipment

Discover the Ski Salomon corner: bare skis, ski bindings and ski boots, available online and at the snowshop near Paris!

All Salomon snowboard equipment

Discover the Salomon Snowboard corner: snowboard boards, snow bindings, snowboots and snow accessories on the Salomon snowboard shop!

It was in the city of Annecy in the heart of the French Alps and in the cradle of alpine skiing that the history of the Salomon brand began in 1947. At the time, Georges Salomon opened a small workshop for the manufacture of ski edges in drink. Very quickly, by dint of inventiveness, he managed to develop his activity by automating its manufacture and diversifying into other products such as cable fasteners.

A pioneer on the market, it quickly established itself as the world leader in bindings in the 1970s. Building on its success, it further expanded its range and positioned itself as an expert in mountain sports by launching ski clothing lines, mountain accessories and especially ski boots which will become a staple of the brand. Bought in 1997 by Adidas and then by the Amer sports group, Salomon remains the benchmark in mountain sports and in particular one of the best ski and ski equipment brands.

Hawaiisurf, your expert board sports shop, offers a cutting-edge selection from the Salomon ski and Salomon snowboard ranges. Find the essentials in snowboarding, bindings and snowboots and in skiing with the famous ski bindings and ski boots and accessories: ski poles or helmets! With all this you will be ready to ride!

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