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Longboard Sector 9

Are you looking for a quality longboard to rediscover the sensations of surfing and snowboarding in the street? Trust Sector 9

The Sector 9 brand was born in 1993 in San Diego, California, in the garden of a gang of four skateboarders / snowboarders. In an environment conducive to sliding, with concrete streets leading directly down to the ocean, Steve, Dave, Tal and Dennis have started to shape boards in their garden with the desire to rediscover the sensations of surfing in the city. The guys were called nineballs (particularly stupid person) by a friend of theirs and the house had been renamed Sector 9, a nineball den. In search of a name to put on the boards, they quite simply took the nickname given to the Sector 9 house, to pronounce the American Sector nine.

Today Sector nine has grown into a popular brand that offers a wide range of boards, ranging from skateboards, cruisers and longboards. You will find ballad boards inspired by retro surfboard shapes, longboards for the descent in the downhill division series or even more versatile boards, hybrid between cruiser and freestyle. You will also find accessories to complete your equipment with wheels, slide gloves or skate bags.

We find in the team riders pretty names like the surfer Joël Tudor and the longboarder adept of freeride and downhill, Louis Pilloni. The brand has clearly become a benchmark in the board sports sector.

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