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Natural and ecological sun protection

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Built for Everyone 

Discover the French brand SeventyOne Percent, products with common goals for nature as well as for us! Created by surfers in 2021, SeventyOne has quickly become the favorite summer essential for sun and ocean lovers. SeventyOne Percent is all about the values and philosophy of lifestyle surfing on the beach and in the city! Enjoy your days with quality protection for your skin and nature. You will find a multitude of choices to delight their entire community with a range of sun cosmetics and moisturizers ultra protective! 

SeventyOne is for everyone, the universal and family cosmetic solution based on the fundamental needs of Man and the planet: Protection and hydration. These products, simple and essential, correspond to each of your needs and that, all year long! SeventyOne Percent products promise to use between 80% and 90% natural products with exclusive formulas and made with passion!

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