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The history of Shoe Goo glue begins in 1972 thanks to the American tennis player Lyman Van Vliet. Not satisfied with the durability of his tennis shoes, he decides to create a strong adhesive to solve his problem. After several tests, he finally arrived at the long-awaited result and decided to market his product under the name Shoe goo .

This magic glue, initially produced in the garage of our tennis player, has seen its production move to a factory located in San Pedro , California in order to produce in larger quantities. The product works very quickly and annual sales very quickly reach $ 2 million .

The Shoe Goo quickly became known by the American public and directly approved by the public of skaters. It is also starting to be very well known in Europe thanks to the creation of their e-commerce site which sells this famous glue internationally but also thanks to its many resellers.

What is Shoe Goo glue? It is a high performance glue that can be used to repair excessively worn skate shoes or shoes or to anticipate wear . You can therefore use it to prevent possible wear or once the shoe is damaged, however it is more difficult to camouflage the wear if the holes are already too large. The Shoe goo is transparent and is effective on almost all materials: leather, rubber, vinyl, canvas, etc.

Notice to our dear skateboarders, this glue will certainly change your life and especially the condition of your skate shoes! This is why the HawaiiSurf team is particularly proud to offer you this superb repair glue for even more comfort during your skate sessions !

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