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You want to start skating but you don't know how to choose your board? You don't want to spend too much but still want to have good gear?

We offer you complete skateboard packs specially designed for beginner skateboarders with the big street skate brands like Jart, Cartel, Sk8Mafia and others... When learning to skate, the size of the skate comes into play. But there is also the grip, wheels, bearings, trucks... So if you want to start without too much hassle with a good complete board, you've come to the right place!

The HawaiiSurf skateshop is the best place to buy your first good quality and cheap complete skateboard. Our complete range will surely satisfy you, rider's word!

If you're looking for more high-end and even more custom gear, you can head over to Hawaiipacks Skate with a custom and safe full-size custom skate.

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Complete Skateboards Blind 7.625 Complete


Sizes:  7.625

Blind 7.625 Complete

From €115.00 €80.50
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Complete Skateboards Plan B Team 8 Complete


Sizes:  8.0

Plan B Team 8 Complete

From €114.95 €80.47
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Complete Skateboards Grizzly Complete 8.0 Rods


Sizes:  8.0

Grizzly Complete 8.0 Rods

From €110.00 €90.20
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