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The HawaiiSurf Longboard Shop offers a wide selection of complete longboards for every riding style and every wallet.

For good value for money, we recommend the Long Island longboards. With a wide range of boards mounted in Drop-Through with Bear trucks, this brand offers the best compromise to learn your first freestyle tricks.

For surf fans, head to brands like the Sector 9 Rythm Pintail, the Nica or the Lookout which are directly inspired by old surf boards. Or for the gliding sensations close to surfing, we recommend the carvers skate or surf skate.

Go upmarket with bamboo-based boards from Loaded like the Dervish Sama and the Tan Tien. They will bring you maximum reactivity and dynamism. A treat for speed carving.

And if you're an adrenaline junkie, we also have plenty of downhill and freeride boards like the Switchblade and Canyon Arrow from Landyachtz or the Annika from Sector 9. Perfect for going full speed and doing long stand-up slides . Don't forget to wear a helmet or the appropriate protection for longboarding.

You to renew your equipment or customize your board according to your progress or your desires, we offer you the essential accessories, wheels or trucks.

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Complete Boards Coconut/lime
Sizes:  36

Globe Blazer Xl Longskate

From €194.95
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Sizes:  32

Flying Wheels Palms Cruiser

From €145.00
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Complete Boards Default
Sizes:  35

Flying Wheels Jean Longskate

From €179.90
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Complete Boards Default
Sizes:  39

Flying Wheels Yann Longskate

From €199.90
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