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There is a wide variety of different parts for the same longboard equipment. For the trucks the main variations occur on the widths of the hangers and on the inclination. A wider axle will give you more stability but less responsiveness, while a 50° truck will turn better than a 43° thing!

It's up to you to choose according to your practice and your preferences, between stability or nervousness.

At the HawaiiSurf skateshop, we offer a large selection of trucks from the best brands with, for example, the Paris Savant in 50° or 43°, the Gullwing Reverse by Louis Pilloni, the Bear Grizzly, ...

For those looking for the best hardware, there are also the high precision Liquid Fyre trucks from Liquid Trucks, excellent for downhill.

Finally you will find hybrid trucks like the hyper turning Gullwing Sidewinder designed for carving.

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