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To fix your new skate trucks, skateboard wheels and the brand new skate deck that you have just acquired, you will of course need a set of screws specific to the assembly of a complete skateboard pack.

There are many brands of skate hardware on the market such as Diamond Supply Co, Jart Skateboards, Powell Peralta and many others...

To make the right choice for this essential skateboard accessory, it's up to you whether or not you want to use riser pads to raise your trucks, or whether you prefer screws with a cross or allen head.

Each brand also offers all-black and sober hardware, such as sets of skateboard hardware with colored heads to identify the tail and nose (front and rear) of your skateboard deck.

You will sometimes have the chance to have goodies with certain brands, special mention to Diamond Supply Co fasteners which offers skateboard stickers, grinders and other souvenirs with your sk8 fastener set.

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Bolts & Nuts Shake Junt Visserie (jeu De 8)
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Shake Junt Visserie (jeu De 8)

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