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But why do you want me to stick a patch of rough material on my new skateboard deck? This is a question that we have often had in our Hawaiisurf skate shop from beginners or parents of young skateboarders!

This self-adhesive piece is of course the grip plate, the grip tape, often black in color with several types of grain for the level of roughness, this plate which comes on the top sheet (top) of your skateboard pack is used not to slip during your skate sessions, and make sure that the skateboard adheres as much as possible under your skate shoes when you go to drop the skate park ramp or sand curb in a street session in the republic!

Many brands make superb quality grip plates, among the most effective are the leaders Jessup and Mob Grip, which offer sober plates with several board widths, as well as customs and collaborations with skate brands like Plan B , Thrasher, Independent or even Santa Cruz.

In France we have the small brand of "BEBER" which in addition to making superb Haze wheels and sturdy Screwhead hardware, offers you its grip plates with a nickel quality grain that does not explode your shoes too quickly. skateboarding.

For the most "bling bling", opt for the top-of-the-range and luxurious quality of the Diamond Supply grip plate collections and the famous hemp leaves as a logo or the pro series with great skaters who have put their names on them like Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston, Stevie Williams and many more...

Glue a grip or simply change it, requires a bit of technique, so we thought of making a short video in our skateboard buying guide where we suggest you quickly find out how to change your skate grip and how to choose your grip plate?

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