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Ski poles are not to be neglected! Indeed, they allow you to maintain your balance during your descents by aligning themselves perfectly with body movements and also help you find speed when the slope becomes gentler. You can also take your boots off the bindings without bending down by pressing on the rear binding blocking the heel in order to free yourself from your skis in complete peace of mind! So who said sticks weren't important?

Choosing your poles is like choosing your pair of skis, it is important to take into account the style of skiing you want to perform. Each pair has its own sliding style! It is important to choose the best size of your poles so as not to have any discomfort. They can therefore be adjustable , with more or less wide handles , with different straps , different more or less wide washers and a different weight ! With all these criteria, the important thing is that they are resistant !

You can find poles for alpine skiing , ski touring , freeride , freestyle or cross-country skiing . For this you can choose easily with the filters present for this purpose on our site!

Concerned about your comfort , we have selected a selection of the best ski poles on the market , in order to guide you as best as possible during your purchases and thus be equipped in the best way !

Find the best ski poles , at the best prices only at HawaiiSurf !

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