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The sealskin is the element not to be neglected if you want to climb easily during your various hikes. It can be presented in different shapes and it is impossible to buy it already pre-cut or to cut yourself to the shape of your skis.

Several criteria must be taken into account! First, the material! The name "Seal skins" comes from the fact that from the 1930s, skiers really equipped themselves with skins with real seal hair! Rest assured, this atypical technology no longer exists today, but the name has remained the same, cute as it is! Today, we will rather have to speak with terms like "sticky anti-recoil plush or self-adhesive skin. Today they are made of mohair with hair from Angora goats , effective but less durable, in synthetic material such as nylon which they will be much more durable over time, in mixed skins mixing 70% mohair and 30% nylon or more recently, a new technology called Profoil which is a skin with scales that is all the rage in the world of ski touring, reducing effort by around 20%!

The type of binding and the type of attachment will also be taken into account, for the front and the back of the ski with or without glue for better storage and no need to stick or take off after several outings. A selection of the best brands on the market are present on the site such as Black Crows and many others..

Find the most resistant , high- performance skins at the best prices , only at HawaiiSurf !

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