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The ski boot is the key equipment for the practice ! You may not know it, but it is what will make the connection between your skis and you ! Just that ! It will therefore be the key element of the practice. It is she who will return the energy of your legs to your boards and it is also with her that the sensations of sliding emitted by your skis will rise. It will therefore be important to choose the ideal pair!

At HawaiiSurf , concerned about your comfort and your performance objectives , we have selected a wide range of ski boots with the best brands on the market in order to offer you the best and thus best support you during your research!

Find the most versatile and high- performance ski boots at the best prices , only at HawaiiSurf !

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Skiing boots Trans/blk


Sizes:  41 42 44 45 1/2

Dalbello Boss 110 Uni Black

From €349.00 €174.50
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Skiing boots Dalbello Chakra 95 Ls


Sizes:  23 23.5 24 24.5 22.5

Dalbello Chakra 95 Ls

From €399.00 €199.50
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Skiing boots Dalbello Krypton Ax 120


Sizes:  28 28.5 29.5 26 27.5

Dalbello Krypton Ax 120

From €429.00 €214.50
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Skiing boots Dalbello Kyra 85 Ls


Sizes:  22.5 23.5 24.5 25

Dalbello Kyra 85 Ls

From €299.00 €149.50
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