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The new generation of performance surfboards for demanding surfers is of course Slater Designs, and as the name suggests of course, it is the brand founded by Kelly Slater under the management of Firewire Surfboards, this brand that offers both surfboards and gliding gear such as kitesurfing.

Kelly Slater after years of surfing Al Merrick's shapes on Channel Islands, decided to buy Firewire surf to launch her own brand of surfboards using the same shapes and technologies. When we know the investment of the multiple world champion of the WSL circuit in the surf industry, the birth of his own brand of hybrid surfing could only be a success in the surf market.

Kelly Slater quickly entered the pro surf scene with her own models including the famous Omni and Banana, two formidable shapes for those who want to go from an evolutionary board to a high performance surf for a more freeride approach and chain the wave at high speed while having maximum control.

Progress with relentlessness in the water is the watchword of the new company of the king of surfing, and whatever your size, you will leave behind your beginner level and the surf rental, the surf lessons to orient yourself all alone to the search for the wave that digs in the Landais beach break.

In all conditions, Slater Designs boards are effective, the quiver is there to prove it and even in times of summer waves, you will find the must of water sports with incredible boards both from a technological and aesthetic point of view. .

In swim shorts, in a neoprene wetsuit, it does not matter if you are going to tame the swell to have an efficient paddle to go to the peak with the Slater design brand.

Hawaiisurf offers you the entire collection of Slater Design surfboards on our online surf shop but also in our surf department at the Parisian surf shop ... And if you are wise we could perhaps make you try our new Hawaiisurf poncho ...

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