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Sniper Sensor Pp Uranga Series Bodyboard


Ref product : EBK0110PRP022020
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With its shape and high-performance components, Alex Uranga's model will be perfect for good riders. Narrower, it will give you very good handling.

Core: PP (polypropylene), for use in rather warm water , maintains board speed and spring

Deck: Pro Cell, maximum grip

Tail: Crescent, provides good grip in hollow waves

Stringer: NXT x1, in fiberglass, allows better energy transfer, stiffens the board

Rails: 50/50, optimized for speed

Slick: Surlyn, best for speed, throw and flex

Presence of Bumpers to strengthen the board and make it durable

Tail patch, to give a retro look to your bodyboard

Contour deck ALX, space for the elbows and grooves at the hips for a better grip. Optimized by Alex Uranga.

NXT Channels, the latest bodyboard innovation, closer to the rails for better control and more speed

Nose Bulbs, ergonomic finger grip

Enjoy the best Sniper gear on HawaiiSurf!

Sniper Sensor Pp Uranga Series Bodyboard

Season INTP
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