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Sniper Vision Pp Cabrera Pro Series Bodyboard


Ref product : EBK0140PRP01
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A model resulting from a collaboration between the masterclass house Sniper and Diego Cabrera the Spanish bodyboarder. The Vision is a super strong model, made to tackle big things. Never be afraid, the body has an insert in addition to its solid deck and the added stringer.

Core : Nrg core, optimized rigidity and made to go in cold to temperate waters

Deck : Pro Cell, maximum grip

Tail : Crescent, provides good grip in hollow waves

Stringer : NXT x1, in fiberglass, allows better energy transfer, stiffens the board

Rails : 55/45, the most versatile on the market, ideal in all conditions

Slick : Surlyn, the best for speed, projection and flex

Presence of PVC mesh , considerably improves the durability of the bodyboard

Presence of Bumpers to reinforce the board and make it durable

Tail patch , to give a retro look to your bodyboard

NXT Channels , the latest innovation in bodyboarding, closer to the rails to provide better control and more speed

Nose Bulbs , ergonomic finger grip

Season SS22