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Tired of carrying your board in your hand, or of using snowshoes during your various off-piste climbs?

The Splitboard is the solution for you! It has never been so easy to trudge the most beautiful faces of the globe in peace. The splitboard is a snowboard that is separated into two parts , in order to resemble a pair of ski touring and thus find the same sensations of sliding during the ascent equipped with sealskins under the two soles .

As a result, on the way up you will have the impression of being on skis and on the way down you will find the unique sensations of snowboarding by connecting your two parts with clips that hang up your board in one and the same part. Compared to the shape of the skis, the grip will not be as important on the splitboard, and will therefore have to have Karakoram bindings , and crampons that will allow you to bite hard or even icy snow. Climbing blocks must also be inserted on the back of the binding so as not to pull too much on the calves and thus compensate for the slope .

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Splitboards Orange/black


Sizes:  156 162

Nitro Slash Splitboard

From €599.90 €479.92
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Splitboards Black/grey


Sizes:  156 165 161

Nitro Nomad Splitboard

From €499.90 €399.92
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