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Softech Surfboards seem to be keeping their company history a secret, as information on when this foam board company was founded is almost impossible to find.

For starters, Softech was one of the first companies to ride the foam board wave. Since then, they have created a team of legendary surfers, who have all developed a unique pro model with various shapes, among these surfer the legend of Australian surfing, Tom Carroll, Mason Ho and Sally Fitzgibbons.

All Softech boards are designed and manufactured in the USA , using highly durable materials and proven manufacturing techniques. Boards come in a wide range of styles, but each is built to withstand the harshest treatments.

These boards are fun to ride, incredibly buoyant, perfect for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned surf gurus.

Through the use of FCS fin systems, these boards are also very versatile for those who want to customize their performance.

At HawaiiSurf we offer you a range of boards from Softech , for beginners or experienced and that at the best price so don't hesitate to get in the water!

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