Solar Brother Suncase Gear Briquet Solaire



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Discover the Suncase Gear solar lighter from Solar Brother !

Take advantage of unlimited , 100% free energy thanks to the incandescent instant ignition lighter. Equipped with an extendable clamp , this solar lighter will adapt perfectly to all types of fuels such as wood , tobacco , paper , incense or even start an improvised barbecue! For 24-hour ignition, you can pair it with a gas lighter for dual-energy ignition added to a waterproof survival capsule . All-terrain , this solar lighter will be waterproof , with unbreakable mirrors and works even in very cold weather !

It is important to note that this solar lighter is 100% French with Made In France manufacturing, conception and design !

Awarded at the 2019 LEPINE COMPETITION

Dimensions : 8x14x2.5cm

Weight : 12g

Composition : Recycled ABS // Recycled polycarbonate // S-ReflecT© mirror

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Season SS23
Eco-Responsible Yes