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Founded in 2015 , Solar Brother is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of solar products for the general public . Its objective is to make the benefits of solar energy accessible to all, by offering innovative , practical and sustainable solutions for everyday life.

The story of Solar Brother begins with the creation of the first solar lighter in France . Their lighter is equipped with a precision mirror that concentrates the sun's rays to start a fire in seconds, without flame or gas. This innovation was a dazzling success and was followed by the development of many other solar products such as solar chargers , solar lamps or even solar ovens .

The brand is committed to designing ecological , sustainable and economical products, which contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint . Solar Brother products are designed in France and made from top quality materials valuing the lifespan of easy use .

Today, Solar Brother is recognized worldwide for its innovative and sustainable solar products . It continues to develop new solutions to offer a clean and efficient alternative to the use of fossil fuels. With Solar Brother , you can enjoy the benefits of solar power in all aspects of your daily life, whether at home , camping or hiking .

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