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Since 1962, SOREL has made sure to combine the best know-how and fashion in order to offer you shoes for all seasons. This requires ever more trendy designs and varied functionalities which are particularly accentuated for the winter season. For ten years, Sorel snow boots have been particularly recognized for their perfect combination of protection , comfort and style .

The brand's motto " creating powerful shoes for unbeatable people " pretty much reflects their mindset. The Sorel team is constantly on the move to allow you to go beyond your limits. Above all, they wish to transmit their vision but above all to give you the means to achieve your objectives .

Sorel's values are therefore particularly consistent with their vision. Courage , audacity , strength and determination are their watchwords. Above all, we must seize the opportunities offered to us, have the courage but above all dare. Sorel acts daily with conscience and conviction, always ensuring that each decision is made with the utmost determination. Eternal dissatisfied, they continually seek to achieve perfection by constantly seeking the best possible solutions . Sorel is an ambitious brand that never settles for what can be judged as "suitable". No, at Sorel, surpassing oneself is an essential value in order to get things done. Constantly looking for new methods, new manufacturing processes or new technologies, the brand seeks above all to offer you the best possible product without making any concessions. A perfectionist vision that pushes each member of the team to surpass themselves day by day.

Winter products, especially snow boots , which have been their specialty for several years, are tested and approved by the team with the highest standards. Their priority is to provide their customers with boots for men and women, both comfortable and elegant, which can be used for the mountains , outdoors and skiing as well as for more urban activities or for everyday life . A perfect versatility which remains very rare especially for such technical shoe models.

It is for all these reasons that the HawaiiSurf team is proud to be able to offer you a selection of Sorel products. We have chosen to highlight the outdoor and winter side, by selecting their legendary winter/ après-ski boots . These models are designed for adventurers who are not afraid to face the cold weather !

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