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Sour Skateboards or Sour Solution for the name of the merry band which is at the helm of this new company of skateboard equipment, it is above all a story a little "bitter, see spicy" as we can translate the name of the brand of English to French ...

The story of the Sour Skateboards team begins with the Scandinavian brand known to many "Sweet skateboards" ... No longer in agreement with the new policy of the brand, the team manager Björn Holmenäs decided with some of the riders of the team to launch its “SOUR SKATEBOARDS” brand.

Founded in the heart of Scandinavian culture, the brand first orchestrated a launch of skateboard decks collections before adding, for a few seasons now, superb streetwear collection with a European Skateboard atmosphere!

Sour Skateboards subsequently decided to approach a spot known worldwide for its video quality, its many skateboard videos ... namely the capital of European skateboarding, Barcelona in the heart of Catalonia!

Since these changes, the skate brand has considerably increased its presence in the heart of the European skateboard scene, relying in particular on a team of quality pro skateboarders with riders Josef Scott Jatta, Daniel Spangs, Nisse Ingermasson, Barney Page, Gustav Tonnesen , Simon Isakson and the most Swedish of the French, former skater of the Hawaiisurf team, Mr. OSCAR CANDON!

From Barcelona, the company always offers shapes with very minimalist decorations. Sober, qualitative & offbeat, Sour Skateboards stands out as one of the most successful European label success stories of the 2000s.

We of course offer you the entire Sour Solutions skateboard streetwear collection, and all the skateboard collection drops on and in our local Parisian skate shop.

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