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Stance socks first appeared in 2010 in California. They have since won the hearts of many riders with their quality and comfort. Stance socks are more than socks.

Its creator Rick Alden is passionate about skateboarding and snowboarding. By creating Stance he first wanted to offer socks as comfortable as they are stylish and above all super resistant to practice skateboarding without risk. Since then, the brand is constantly renewing itself with artist or brand collabs or even sportsman partnerships. The brand recently became an official partner of the basketball team, the NBA. The Stance Nba socks edited for the occasion are snapping up.

The Stance team offers a very wide choice of socks in a variety of styles so that everyone can express their creativity and personality. There really is something for everyone, sober, colorful, classic, extravagant. The most famous being the Stance NBA socks but you can also indulge yourself in special editions like this summer with Disney and Mickey or the collabs with artists or music groups (motorhead, slayer).

We particularly like the Skate Stance socks for their comfort and their firm calf support but which does not stick out! A way to ride in style and protect against the impacts of the board! Adopted by the greatest athletes, the high-end Stance sock is the best when it comes to mixing style and functionality.

Stance France is distributed by Hawaiisurf with more than a hundred models. Take the opportunity to take a tour of our online skateboard stance shop or in Ivry near Paris.

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