Studio 6'4 Edge Planche De Surf Shortboard



Ref product : ABF0604032PRP01
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The Edge model from Studio is a shortboard designed for intermediate level surfers. With a square tail , a good width , a low rocker and a fairly generous volume , it will be an easy board to surf and reactive for tight turns .

Fins not supplied.

Sizes :

6'0 x 20'' x 2 1/2' 31.8L
6'4 x 20''3 x 2 5/8' 35.3 L

Type of waves: Suitable for small to medium sized waves.

Level : For intermediate level surfers

Outline : Hybrid

Rocker : Medium, for good stability and paddling speed.

Tail : Square tail, provides stability and will give you grip to make tight turns.

Fins : Thruster (3 fins), future plugs.

Construction : Studio boards are made from PU and are for surfers looking to buy a quality board without spending too much money. They offer good value for money for those on a budget.

Season FW22/23