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Sure Grip skates and shoes for Roller Derby

Find our quad skates to personalize for a quad roller to the measure of your passion! The selection includes the legendary sure grip rebel!

Sure Grip is an American brand pioneer in the practice of rollerblading, it is known throughout the world for the multiple choice of products dedicated to the practice of Quad Roller, Derby or Jam / dance. The multitude of products, the brand's know-how and its enthusiasm in disciplines such as Roller Derby, make Sure Grip a benchmark, thanks to its Sure Grip Boxer, Sure Grip Rebel, Sure Grip Avenger frames or Sure wheels. Grip Titans.

Sure-Grip International, formerly known as the Sure grip Skate Company was founded in 1936 by John L. Wintz. Sure Grip was first known for its rubber wheels invented for traditional roller skates in 1937. The wheels were made from phenolic, a material widely used at the time in the mechanical industry for all products requiring to resist friction. The use of this material for roller blades has revolutionized the roller skate market by replacing slippery wooden wheels. From then on Sure-Grip becomes a very appropriate name since the brand literally offered a safety in the glide or good grip (in English sure grip). Sure grip wheels were such a success that the brand established itself in the roller skating industry as one of the main innovative leaders.

In 1945, the first Sure Grip rollerblade was produced. This first draft was far from resembling the current models, both light and resistant. Years of innovation in design and engineering have allowed Sure Grip to evolve its inline skates. The use of aluminum, titanium and magnesium has allowed Sure-Grip to become the leader in the research and development of new materials, not only by offering to constantly improve its products but also by offering the products to the public. with the finest possible quality at an affordable price.

From the mid-1970s until the end of the decade, Sure Grip had to face a sea change in the roller skating industry. Roller skating was finally entering one of the main leisure activities of Americans. To meet this growing demand, the brand offered for the first time in the history of skating, an outdoor rollerblade fitted with running shoes. Sure Grip called this roller the "Jogger".

The Jogger invaded the country from California to New York and was the success that propelled the Sure Grip brand even higher. Numerous successes of the brand followed, such as roller skiing or hockey rollerblades.

In the early 2000s, the re-emergence of the success of the 70s with the practice of roller derby again awakened the creative spirit of the Sure-Grip brand. And it is more recently on the quad roller racing market that Surgrip once again demonstrated innovation by offering the new line of running shoes, the XL series which has proven itself in the speed skating market and entered the roller derby market. An experience that has earned her to join a roller skating line specially dedicated to Derby and designated by Roller Derby girls for roller derby players. The line is called "Rebel" and obviously keeps its promises with a shoe entirely in leather and slightly lower at the rear to provide better flexibility.

Hawaiisurf offers you a selection of small onions to equip you with Sure grip rollerblades. Whether you are a roller derby player or simply a fan of roller quad skating, you will find everything you need to equip yourself: from the complete quad roller to accessories to customize your skates or maintain them.

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