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Switchback is a brand of snowboard bindings whose concept is to offer completely customizable bindings.

It offers its bindings in spare parts. You can therefore buy the 4 elements that make up a binding separately and thus completely compose your binding. You will find highback, straps, padding and base in a wide variety of colors and techniques to personalize your binding as much as possible and adapt it as closely as possible to your needs and desires of the moment.

The brand also offers complete snowboard bindings with many pro-models like that of rider Ethan Morgan, the Switchback Ethan Morgan.

The brand has won over the best since the Switchback team is 100% freestyle with riders like the Helgason brothers, Jaeger Bailey, Kevin Sansalone and Gully Gudmunsson.

Switchback is a young snowboard brand which owes its success to the revolutionary system of completely removable bindings based on 4 independent parts: spoiler, straps, pads and base.

This system allows you to customize your binding as much as possible, with parts in different colors or performance. Switchback bindings are also very practical. When a single part is worn, no need to change everything, just replace the part by digging into the spare parts. Enough to make your fixation last endlessly without breaking the bank.

Among the complete models offered by the brand, we find the signatures of the team's snowboarders, such as that of Eiki Helgason or that of his brother Halldor. You can also opt for specific models like the Womens Combo 2 which will offer you control, comfort and cushioning. For more specific needs, fall for the All Mountain Combo model to send all over the mountain or the Park Combo which, as its name suggests, is developed for the park.

With Switchback, there is always time to change your mind and your fixation!

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