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Tealer Paris is the streetwear brand for the new generation of French fashion and urban culture fans! All men's clothing but also women's clothing Tealer have been talked about since the creation of the Label by a group of friends from Paris and its suburbs.

The Tealer clothing line consists of all the great classics of teenage wardrobes and streetwear look fans. Embrace the all new collection around weed and the art of smoking with a perfect selection of tops and bottoms, as well as Tealer accessories to match your sartorial style with your pair of sneakers.

As far as tops are concerned, Tealer offers a wide choice of printed shirts with the latest cultural trends of the moment. Each time you can find the pattern on other media such as the t-shirt, the raglan cut, the short-sleeved t-shirt or the hoodie.

For the bottom, also the online clothing store Hawaiisurf offers a wide selection of jogging pants, chinos, baggy style skate to associate your dress style with your French rap culture. Even great artists like Booba or Rihanna would opt for certain patterns and undermine Tealer instead of a supreme classic ...

To pick up the Skate style and the latest Kanye-style collab, don't delay too much, because the Tealer stocks on our Tealer shop are going pretty quickly. Jeff, one of the founders of the brand, often says it, first come, first served ...

The cool and clean thing is that the Tealer sape has nothing to envy a great expensive designer, on the contrary the brand wants to be accessible in terms of image but also for your wallet. You will therefore find all the new products of this cheap urban fashion in our Tealer x Hawaiisurf eshop!

Don't forget the Tealer goodies and accessories with the Grinder to prepare your splif or the NTM baseball bat to decorate your house….

The Parisian street wear brand even founded a label of musical artists with the tealer records in order to support the productions of several fans of the French street brand through compilations of the genre Hip-Hop or electronic music ...

Wearetealer is the slogan of the guys at the brand, who are just as passionate about alternative disciplines like skateboarding. The Tealer brand quickly established itself in a few years as a flagship of the young generation of urban brands with a streetwear look.

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