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If there is one brand of Skateboard, and particularly of Truck Skate that rolls with modernity, it is Tensors Trucks, the North American company of the Dwindle group (Almost, Darkstar, Enjoi…).

If you are looking for quality skateboard trucks, the lightest on the market, and with a beautiful design, then don't miss out on a new pair of Tensor trucks.

The truck brand was founded by Rodney Mullen (Almost Skateboards), the living freestyle skate legend. His brand was launched to symbolize the progression towards the next generation of skateboarding gear.

Founded in the year 2000, no it's not a bug, but a response to a request to consolidate the skate truck market which was getting a little too old with the classic brands from the end of the 80s. So Rodney and his engineering buddies wanted to completely revise the design of a skate truck.

Rodney Mullen was one of the "testers" of choice, and he wanted to design his skateboard truck company with his skating style in mind, which remains super underground and full of technical tricks.

Whether your choice is High, Low or Mid trucks, the brand brings its share of technologies and of course claims several registered patents. Tensor Trucks was one of the first brands to design a skate truck with aluminum, with its Mag Light product line, offering great durability and ideal weight reduction.

Even in the design of Bushings (rubber skate), the brand innovates with a patent proposing an improvement in torsional rigidity for skaters looking for precision on big tricks.

Each skateboarder profile will find something for him and his pair of Tensor trucks! Just look at the technical diversity of the Skate Tensor team with big names like Rodney Mullen, Joey Brezinsky, Zered Basset, Manny Santiago, Daewon Song or Andrew Brophy.

Hawaiisurf skate shop, pioneer of the skate shop in France since 1976, will always offer you the best brands of skate and skate gear like Tensor Trucks.

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