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Thrasher beyond the simple fact that it is above all a skateboard magazine of American origin, it is also a way to glimpse and consume skateboarding! So what does Thrasher mean? (Please write Thrasher and not Trasher!)

Thrasher was born during the 80s in the USA, the country king of skateboarding and of all skateboard enthusiasts in all situations (cruising, longboardskate, ramp, skatepark ect). This monthly skateboard has the particularity of articulating its content much further than simple photos of skateboarding and the results of contests. Thrasher magazine wants to be hyper purist and core of skateboarding with Jay Adams sauce, it is to say something raw, rock'n'roll!

Thrasher mag thus claims to belong to this movement of skateboarders who make their discipline a real lifestyle and identify skateboarding with core sauce via the thrasher shops.

The American magazine even designed a Thrasher France version for a while, now replaced by the internet skateboard press.

In recent years, the Thrasher brand has become a real streetwear skate label!

Thrasher is a lot of skate clothing like a thrasher sweatshirt, thrasher hoodie or thrasher sweater with the famous thrasher flame logo. The simplest thrasher clothing, with the thrasher t-shirt decorated with a flamming or the trasher skatemag logo which uses the lettering on the cover of all the numbers.

At Hawaiisurf our instagram account 200% skateboard information and skate shoes, skate clothing, offers the thrasher lettering revisited in our sauce.

We receive new trasher pieces every week such as beautiful trasher sweater and trasher t-shirt. They do not stay long in stores or online because the demand is so high. Don't wait to buy your thrasher magazine garment from our skate shop! We provide you with the real clothing thrasher, not a cheap copy of the thrasher that you can find all over the internet or in low-end stores. With us the thrasher is the real one, the pure one, the hard one, the one that will make history when Rihanna starts curling.

The mythical thrasher t-shirts with the thrasher flame logo or skate goat patterns are available continuously on our skate shop!

Thrasher sweatshirts, whether in crew sweatshirt, hoodie or thrasher hoodie version, are also in stock in real time in our Parisian thrasher shop and online skateboarding site!

The rain, the cold? No problem, Thrasher skateboarding also offers a line of skateboard streetwear with thrasher jackets and jackets still available at Hawaiisurf!

Finally with your 100% thrasher look, depending on the season, you will need a thrasher cap or a thrasher beanie in order to have the fashionable skate and fashion accessory!

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