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Thunder trucks is the skate truck brand of the DLXSF group which also offers skate gear such as Real skateboards, Krooked or Antihero skate decks. In addition to offering the skate pack, the San Fransisco group is also the skate wheel brand Spitfire wheels and recently the distribution of the mythical truck brand Venture skateboard. With so many skate brands, the DLXSF group acts as the favorite each year in the ranking of skateboard brands among the skateboarding community, and largely faces other big teams like Plan B, Grizzly or Flip….

To complete your skateboard or "rolling roll" as our friends from Quebec say, the truck brand Thunder relies on several renowned pro skater to make the brand shine above the curbs, the skate park and the bigger ones. skate contest spots. Among the fifty or so skateboarders who wear and sand curbs with their skate trucks, we find Sean Malto, Chris Cole, Justin Brock, Jamie Thomas, Neen Williams, Chima Ferguson, Rick Mccrank, Shane O'neill, Marc Johnson ...

All of these masters of skateboarding are also for the most part within the skateboard wheels team Spitfire wheels and have all the contracts of pro skateboarder with the biggest brands of skate shoes like Nike SB, Converse or Supra…

Buying a complete skateboard is child's play thanks to our skateboard buying guide and our advice from enthusiasts on how to choose your skateboard trucks at Hawaiisurf. Our skate shop offers the best of the Thunder trucks collections all year round, with a line of skate accessories such as a good running set, screws and even a line of sape highlighting streetwear and skateboarder fashion collections including sweatshirt, helmet, baggy, chinos and Thunder coach jacket!

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