Torq 5'10" Pg-r Act



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Torq Pg-r Act:

Torq is a surf brand that since 2002 continues to innovate to always bring the best boards to all surfers. Far from brands that target the elite of surfers and spend their entire budget on marketing, Torq prefers to focus on offering a wide range of fish, longboard, funboard or shortboard in epoxy, polyester or even foam construction for even more safety.

Let's take a look at the Torq Pg-r Act surfboard:

It's a board we designed to handle average daily surfs. Fast, it's easy to row and pick up, with elements of the Comp model for performance and the Summer 5 for speed and dynamism. The unexpected by-product is a board that lends itself to progression. It's stable and reassuring so you have the confidence to push harder. It generates and carries a speed that turns into big turns or great airs. You can put it on a rail and it gives back ten times as much. It's a board that lets you play, whatever the conditions.

Who is this Torq for:

Suitable for all types of waves , this board offers maximum speed and maneuverability. Its small volume will suit children or small surfers at the intermediate or even expert level. It's the perfect board to progress , evolve from Malibu / Hybrid / Fish to shortboard.

Length : 5.10

Width : 21 ''

Thickness : 2 ½ ''

Liters : 35.3

Tail : squash

Plugs : 5 fixings

Torq 5'10" Pg-r Act

Season INTP
Surf Shape Shortboard
Plug Type Futures
Included Fins No
Surfboard Construction ACT epoxy
Tail Type Squash
Number of Fins 5
Color GREY
Board Volume 35.3 L
Board Width 21 "
Board Thickness 2 1/2 "
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