Torq 6'2 Pg-r Act Planche De Surf Shortboard



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You may know the Torq PG-R? Even more high tech here is the Epoxy Ac t version?

Discover this version with the revolutionary new ACT technology from Torq. Eps foam block with pre-impregnated fiber to reduce the use of raw material and improve performance with optimal weight gain and flex .

This model from Torq, the PG-R is the board that everyone will surf 80% of the time , both for medium surf and to put small barrels on his home spot . It's the board you leave lying around in your car so you don't miss a session.

Type of waves : 50cm to 1.5m.

Level of practice : Intermediate to advanced. In size 6'2" it is a board for intermediate surfers or those who want volume.

Delivered without drifts.

Outline : Overall volume generous enough to deliver a good paddle and easy takes offs .

Concave : Flat in the front third then single concave in the middle to double then vee in the back to generate drive and support on the rail.

Rocker : Light rocker in the front and tail to generate speed and pass soft sections.

Rails : Quite round then pinched at the tail to pass the flat sections while maintaining support and chaining the carves.

Tail : Wide squash tail to provide maximum glide and facilitate carving. Carbon reinforcement patch to reduce dents.

Fins : Not supplied . Mounting 5 Futures plugs for surfing with 3 (thruster) or 4 (quad) fins.

Construction : Act Pre-preg, EPS foam with pre-impregnated Epoxy resin glass and non-woven carbon reinforcements . The new best weight/strength/performance ratio on the market. No unnecessary excess resin.

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