Torq 6'6 Gokart Act Planche De Surf Shortboard



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Experience the new version with revolutionary new ACT technology from Torq. Eps foam block with pre-impregnated fiber to reduce raw material usage and improve performance with weight saving and more natural flex (reflex) . The Torq Gokart is a board designed to have good reactivity on maneuvers with maximum speed to surf even better.

Board sold without fins , do not hesitate to contact us to choose the right model.

Type of waves : 50cm to 1.5m+.

Level of practice : Intermediate to advanced surfer.

Outline : Medium volume at the nose/middle for good paddling and thinner at the back for maximum support .

Rocker : Medium in the nose to light in the tail to be able to surf even the most hollow waves.

Concave : Single concave on the front third to reduce friction between the water and the board, then double in the middle of the board to always keep control on your bottom turns and at the tail level it evolves into a convex vee to facilitate passage from rail to rail .

Rails : Moderately rounded at the nose/tail, full in the middle to pass flat sections while maintaining support and chaining carves .

Tail : Swallow tail for the fish look and to facilitate curves. Carbon reinforcement patch.

Fins : Not supplied . Mounting 5 Futures plugs for surfing with 3 (thruster) or 4 (quad) fins.

Construction : Act Pre-preg, EPS foam with pre-impregnated Epoxy resin glass and non-woven carbon reinforcements. The new best weight/strength/performance ratio on the market. No unnecessary excess resin.

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