Torq 6'6 Newclassic Fish Planche De Surf Fish



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This fish Torq is a model that is based on the old fishs with improvements in shape and construction to make it an even more fun and versatile board. Surfing has never been so cool. In size 6'6" with its 39.6 L , it is optimized for surfers between 55 and 85 kg, for complete beginners or those who don't want to be sure of catching waves at each session.

Board sold with the fins .

Type of waves : 30cm to 1.50m.

Level of practice : Beginners to advanced.

In short, the board to have for surfing both fun and perfect beach breaks and for taking advantage of onshore sessions.

Outline : Fairly generous volume with roundness at the front for powerful paddling and easy take-offs .

Rocker : Medium at the nose and light at the tail to engage in hollow waves and have maneuverability .

Concave: Single concave in the first third to dig into the rails and make tight turns then convex vee/double concave to the tail to be able to change rails quickly.

Rails : Quite round then more pinched on the back third to the tail to pass the flat sections while maintaining support and chaining the carves.

Tail : Wide enough for more maneuverability with a swallow.

Fins : Fitting 5 Futures plugs to surf with 3 (thruster) or 4 (quad) fins. Fin set included.

Construction : EPS foam with epoxy resin glass.

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