Torq 7'6" Rental Fun



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The new funboardTorqis an improved model of the old boards with an improved shape that makes itfaster and more versatile.

In size7'6"it is made for surfers between50 and 100 kg, whether they are beginners or riders who just want to be sure to catch waves every session.

type of waves: 30cm to 1.50m.

Practice level: Intermediate to advanced.

Rental type boardsold with the fins

Outline: Fairly generous volume with roundness in the front and in the middle for powerful paddling and easy take-offs.

Rocking: Medium at the nose and light at the tail to engage in hollow waves and have maneuverability.

Concave: Flat in the front pass the flat sections with a single concave vee in the back to generate drive and maneuverability.

Tracks: Quite round then more pinched on the back third to the tail to pass the flat sections while maintaining support and chaining the carves.

Tail: Round tail to facilitate curves and provide support on more powerful waves.

drifts:Included.Mounting 3 Futures plugs for surfing with 3 (thruster) fins.

Construction: EPS foam with Epoxy resin glass.

Torq 7'6" Rental Fun

Season INTP
Tail Type Round