Torq 8'0 Pinline Malibu Planche De Surf Longboard



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Big volume from Torq for unlimited fun! All the conditions will be good to jump into the water with the Pinline !

It is suitable for all types of riders, the Sunday rider but also the relentless. Can also be a great alternative for our larger sizes thanks to its disproportionate volume.

Types of waves: 50cm to 1m60

Level of practice: For all our riders.

Board delivered without fins . Remember to choose a model adapted to your weight. Do not hesitate to contact customer service for more information.

Outline: Large volume, you can easily set off on as many waves as possible thanks to a powerful oar.

Concave: Single concave in the front and double concave in the back, generates drive and support on the rail.

Rails: Soft rails to the tail then more pinched to pass the flat sections while keeping the support and chaining the carves.

Tail: Squash tail, facilitates curves and provides versatility. Carbon reinforcement

Construction: Tec, good quality EPS foam with epoxy resin and carbon reinforcements. The best weight/strength/performance ratio

Enjoy the best of Torq on HawaiiSurf!

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