Torq Multiplier Act 5'8 Planche De Surf



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New to Torq, the Multiplier in ACT epoxy construction is a high- performance model for surfing even more waves.

Torq's revolutionary new ACT technology features an Eps foam breadboard with pre-impregnated fiber to reduce raw material usage and improve performance with weight saving and more natural flex . The Torq Multiplier uses the tail of the Torq performance shortboard (thruster) with the overall shape of the hybrid for more versatility and good support on the most powerful waves.

Type of waves : 80cm to 2m+.

Level of practice : Advanced to expert surfer. In size 5'80", it is aimed at good surfers or fairly light surfers.

Board delivered without fins.

Outline: Volume at the front and in the middle, then a thin shortboard-type rear to allow verticality and good glide.

Rocker: Light in the nose for easy takes off and medium in the tail to be able to surf even the deepest waves.

Concave: Single concave in the front to reduce friction between the water and the board, then double in the middle of the board and vee at the tail to always keep control on your bottom turns and facilitate the transition from rail to rail.

Rails: Quite round at the nose/middle then pinched at the tail for good glide and maximum grip.

Tail: Round tail to facilitate bends and provide needed support. Carbon reinforcement patch to reduce dents.

Fins: Not supplied. Mounting 5 Futures plugs for surfing with 3 (Thruster) or 4 (quad) fins.

Construction : Act Pre-preg, EPS foam with pre-impregnated Epoxy resin glass and non-woven carbon reinforcements. The new best weight/strength/performance ratio on the market. No unnecessary excess resin.

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